her bright skies - dj got us fallin in love
March 2 2012, 17:56:47

On monday the 5:th of March the bands new EP "DJ Got Us Fallin In Love" will be available one week exclusively on the streamin service WiMP. Fans of the band in Sweden, Norway, Denmark will be able to hear the new EP which except for the title song also includes four acoustic songs. "I love The Bomb", "Hollywood Dreaming", "Sold Our Souls" and "Heartbreaker"

A week later the same EP will be out on Itunes, available on Spotify etc.

And to spice it up the bands debut album "Ill City - A Sacrament" will also be available for the first time as stream. Spotify, WiMP, Deezer. Rdio etc, on March 12:th

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