singles going steady
November 18 2011, 08:43:56

A big step for mankind.

Well maybe not, but some leaps forward as we are continuing to release some great music and this time a bunch of individual singles. Three of them today, and these are:

* ADEPT - The Lost Boys
* HER BRIGHT SKIES - Ghosts Of The Attic (GSA, single already out elsewhere)
* CHEMICAL VOCATION - Hide Away (featuring Nikola Sarcevic/Millencolin)

All of them available digitally only from Itunes, etc. And as stream from Spotify Simfy and others.

And hey, we take the opportunity to give a shout out to Spotify Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, where Spotify is now opening up. So this music and the rest of the catalogue from PANIC & ACTION can easily be accessed there

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