panic & action fall 2011 comp
October 31 2011, 10:17:07

Hey Ladies,

Itís out now, the Fall 2011 comp.

Unofficially named "DIAMONDS AND RUST" (a.k.a the title that never was) this fine little baby shows what we are up to in these neck of the woods in the dark fall of 2011.

Hope the music gets you in a good mood and shins a light though, as you can hear great fresh new songs from the bands + also some nice unreleased exclusive covers. Our bands taking on acts as diverse as Crash Diet, Slipknot, Tim Neu, Bad Religion, Usher and Laleh (*with cool guest apperance by Nikola Sarcevic from Millencolin).

If you canít get it, have access to these services. Well, next week, Monday the 7:th of Nov the comp is also available as free download from us here at PANIC & ACTION.

Hear it now starting Monday the 31:st on Spotify - Simfy (Germany) - Guvera Australia. SPOTIFY - hear it here!

Artists in this newspost:
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