walking with strangers - hardships new album
October 31 2011, 10:04:15

We can now officially announce the release of our latest signing WALKING WITH STRANGERS debutalbum "Hardships".

A great metal/hardcore (you name it!) brutal and technical piece of work from this rising band. Album won the Soundcheck (album of the issue) in Swedens Close Up Magazine just now and as you understand by now - itís a must have!

Coming on November 16:th on Spotify, Itunes (Germany on the 18:th) and also as a fat limited edition digi-pak, which includes an extra disc. The "Buried Dead And Done" EP now available for the first time in physical format. Get it while it last. Only 1000 printed.

To be sure you get it you can pre-order. Info on how to get it coming soon.

And whatís more to report? Well tons but, lets just say; see them live in Europe soon with ADEPT on the Lost Boys Tour, and if youíre Swedish donít miss them supporting HAUNTED and ENTOMBED on the Close Up Made Us Do It Tour!
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