adept part ways with guitarist jacob papinniemi
June 9 2011, 17:39:59

Panic & Action, management of ADEPT here, posting this to make it official that ADEPT have parted ways with guitarist Jacob Papinniemi.

Some bad words been flying on Facebook the last few days between said parts, resulting in many speculating fans being eager to know the story and what really happened. We are now here to clear things up.

The split was a mutual decision between both parts, as Jacob for the last period haven’t been into touring, and wanted to leave the band as he could not keep up with touring, or liked being on the road.

This non-interest and non-commitment to touring was starting to hold back the band from playing worldwide to their fans. It turned into a frustrating part and conflict that was slowly tearing the band apart.

The final decision reached wasn’t easy for anyone, but in the end was probably best for all parts.

The agreed deal between Jacob and band was that he were gonna play with them until August and then leave, but when Jacob just a few days ahead of the current festival-run (that started with Siesta in Sweden the Second of June and ends at Nova Rock in Austria on the 13:th of June) told the guys he wasn’t gonna go out and do this run, which meant the other guys had to get a stand-in with very short notice (or cancel).

The other guys got feed up with this behavior, how Jacob acted and decided, we are gonna part ways soon anyway, lets do it now, so that ADEPT can go, continue from here without risking cancelled shows/tours.

After that it all got a bit ugly and some bad words (but no big drama) on Facebook followed. Pretty normal as a split like this ain´t that easy to handle.

Adept will now continue to focus on being out there on the road, continue to do what a young bands needs to do, committed to give their fans and audience what they been waiting for.

Therefore, during the summer and all the upcoming festivals ADEPT will play with a stand-in. So friends and followers - don´t worry as the band are already in the van on their way to the next show, and planning the autumn too. Who is gonna replace Jacob is a later decision and issue.

With these words, we’ll give you the simple story and can assure you ADEPT will be determined to kick it hard. Today they are playing Greenfield Switzerland and with a string of great festivals set up through the course of summer.

We wish Jacob good luck with whatever he decides to do, musically or in other areas, and at the same time take the opportunity to thank him for the years that was.

Peter Ahlqvist, PANIC & ACTION June 9:th 2011
on behalf of ADEPT

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