chemical vocation - brand new album out now!
April 18 2011, 11:54:30

With the new album ”Write This Moment” (Panic 22) CHEMICAL VOCATION have taken new steps and placed themselves rather far from the original sound - their early screamo days. A move and progress that was started with the 2008 debut ”A Mistake In Progress”, and that has now turned the band and their music into something very forceful.

”Write This Moment” which was mixed by Luc Tellier seea the light of day today on the 18:th of April.

Get/hear this great piece of work on CD, Itunes and through Spotify (and while you are it it get Spotify Premium...says Panic & Action).

Taken from the album (out now) is the first single ”We’re Not Here To Give Up” which is also the the first video (shot by Alexander Fyrdahl).

The album contains the following songs:
1. Speeding Heartbeats
2. The Road
3. Someday
4. 92 & Raining
5. No Still Means No
6. All I’ve Got
7. Cold Caress
8. We’re Not Here To Give Up
9. Satin Sheets
10. A Case Of The Mondays
11. Like An Infection

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