new releases - march 2010
March 10 2010, 15:47:08

Tons of stuff are happening this month and there are three new releases from the Panic & Action family for you to check out!

HER BRIGHT SKIES "Causing A Scene"
The long awaited follow-up to the bands debut album "A Sacrament; Ill city" and Her Bright Skies havenít saved a thing for later purposes.
"Causing A Scene" is everything youíll need punk, emo & rock-wise this year... thatís how good this is!

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The debut album from Joakim Jensen aka. Social Siberia is the perfect way to prepare your and your friends for the summer of 2010.
If youíre lost in an ocean of lifeless, synthetic pop music? Relax. Social Siberia throws you a life vest - "Waterworks" saves lives.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS "Burn All The Small Towns 2"
The spring of 2009 we launched the well appreciated CD-compilation "Burn All The Small Towns", a record to present awesome up and coming Swedish bands to a wider audience. Now itís time for a follow-up!
The contributions for this new record has been breath taking, but we we finally managed get everything together with 20 hot new bands!

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Artists in this newspost: Her Bright Skies, Social Siberia
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