burn all the small towns - various artists cd
December 10 2008, 11:07:41

Yes compilations are still made and here’s a reason to actually buy one too. Support music that supports you! Have a listen and look at the bursting and hungry new Swedish scene.

Panic & Action in cooperation with Junkyard Entertainment presents 22 Swedish acts.

New songs by Neverstore, Chemical Vocation, Kid Down, Marissa Burns Trey, Hero in Action, Adept, Social Siberia, Future Idiots, Bursting Veins, A Vain Attempt, Oldschool, Herbrightskies, Walking With Strangers, Early To Bed, Operation Nothing, Far Above, Go Drowsy, Fakie For Nothing, Newdrive and Atta.

Out on CD and as digital download in late February!

Artists in this newspost: Adept, Chemical Vocation, Her Bright Skies, Social Siberia
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