adept - gigs and upcoming album
November 29 2012, 13:09:12

The future and particularly next year looks bright for ADEPT. They have recently recorded their new album, which will be released in the first quarter of 2013. After that, in the end of April, they will do Impericons Progression Tour with great bands as: CALLEJON, AUGUST BURNS RED, ARCHITECTS and BREAKDOWN SANITY. Ending that tour in Vienna at the Impericon Festival, which will be headlined by HEAVEN SHALL BURN.

But first they’ll have a Swedish gig in Örebro at Panic & Action Brings The Noise. Which will be a sort of "Panic & Action family festival" considering the other bands who will be playing; HER BRIGHT SKIES, WALKING WITH STRANGERS, CHEMICAL VOCATION and AIM FOR THE SUNRISE.

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