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September 19 2012, 16:40:00

Her Bright Skies with fans at Warped Tour

RIVALS is the title of the new HER BRIGHT SKIES album scheduled for a mid-November release. Recorded in the summer in New York with US producer Shep Goodman, the band is now busy in final stages finishing up artwork, credits, lyrics, mastering and all that shit! Release date for RIVALS is getting closer and closer!

The band surely continues to deliver with big rocking songs and attitude. And loads of melody to match.

First song, video in the works for release sometimes October. So keep eyes open for news on this and more words about it dropped on our Facebook/homepage pretty soon.

Also, the band is now running a cool Pledge campaign where you can help support the band in coming touring and lay your hand on some nice and exclusive stuff, pre-order the album and more. More stuff to be added to that campaign very soon (merch/t-shirts etc).

Also touring is in the works. Sweden and others can expect to see them on the roads after the new album is out. Lots more of that touring/get in the van stuff promised here and now as band is ready to roll.

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