adept goes studio fredman
September 19 2012, 16:32:28

We have just locked the boys into the cellars and dungeons ( industrial area in Gothenburg to be more precise!) guarded, hosted and under hard supervision by producer supremos Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd. These guys have previously worked BMTH, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir to name nothing but a few, and were also the guys behind the sound-desks of Adepts latest album “Death Dealers”.

Band has spent all summer writing their third album, preparing for studio recording, and started the actual mission monday this week. Their own words about it is that it will be a mix between previous albums with more melody and vocals, but in a hard way. Something like that, and something to really long for.

So, this recording is now their main mission and only a few exclusive shows coming up. One at Overdrive in Austria early November and appearing at the Circle Pit festival in Cologne on the 22:nd of December.

Also Scandinavians, the band got some new clothing up and running over at MERCHWORLD.

This includes a new hood + ADEPT shorts (fuck the cold swedish winter! And there’s also a sale of older merch designs. Good prices! And if you order for more than 500:- SEK you get a free ADEPT CD of your choice. Have a look over at:

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