adept to record new, third album.
June 7 2012, 21:18:09

Panic & Action are excited to announce that Adept will hit the studio in September to record a new album in Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd (At the gates, Bring me the horizon, In Flames), the very same great producer-team as on the bands latest effort Death Dealer.

In a statement Adepts singer Robert Ljung reveals.

"During the last six months we have been working hard on new songs for this record. Trying out different sounds and different approaches to keep it fresh and renewed. We have always felt blessed by the great responses we’ve had
on our previous albums and we now feel confident enough to say that this will be our best album to date.

It’s a mix between our first two albums where we have definitely taken a heavier approach then Death Dealers but kept the melodies from Another Year of Disaster, something we missed out on the latest album. But don’t get us wrong - this album will be heavy as fuck".

The band is any day hitting the European roads for a tour with AUGUST BURNS with some filler dates and festival apperances at Southside, Hurricane, Vainstream and the big swedish metal fest Metaltown.

9 June GER VAINSTREAM Festival, Münster
12 june FR Lille, Splendid w/August Burns Red
13 June FR Strasbourg, La Latieriere w/August Burns Red
14 June GER Augsburg, Kantine w/August Burns Red
16 June SWE METALTOWN, Gothenburg,
18 June CH Basel, Sommercasino w/ Gallows
19 June FR Clemont Ferrand, Coop De Mai Club w/August Burns Red
20 June FR Marseille, Cabaret Aleatorie w/August Burns Red
22 June GER HURRICANE festival, Schessel
23 June GER Cologne, MTC w/ Texas in July
24 June GER SOUTHSIDE festival, Neuhausen ob Eck
25 June GER Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn w/August Burns Red
26 June GER Saarbrucken, Garage w/August Burns Red
27 June LUX Schifflange, Café Dancing Votre Choix
28 June NL Amsterdam, Melkweg w/August Burns Red

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