social siberia - amazed ep
May 22 2012, 12:26:06

The EP frenzy peaks with a new EP from SOCIAL SIBERIA. Three EPís in a row, thatís a hell of a frenzy, right?

Whatever, we end the EP-stalking by delivering this fine piece of work.

Jocke Jensen (Chemical Vocation guitarist) , continues where he left us with his nice BAD RELIGION cover Sorrow. That was featured on the Panic & Action Fall 2011 comps.

On this EP he packs together said song with great laidback covers, and his touch on some cool songs by OFFSPRING, NO FX, THE MOVIELIFE and Dutch skaterockers UNDECLINABLE.

Out July 2:d, and yeah brothers and sisters, you guessed absolutely right on where and how to to find it!

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