1. About Panic & Action
1.1 General information
1.2 Can I work for you?
1.3 Can I do my trainee period at your company?

2. Demos
2.1 Do you accept demos?
2.2 What is your demo-policy?

3. Touring & Booking
3.1 Where can I find information about tour dates of Panic & Action bands?
3.2 Where can I get ticket to the ... show?
3.3 When will ... play in my town?
3.4 How can I contact a band to book a show?

4. Press
4.1 I have a magazine/zine/web site/Radio-show. Will you send me promo CDs?
4.2 I need a photo / biography of ..., where can I get it?

Contact for further information about our bands, bookings etc. Or visit us at MySpace.

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