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When Joakim Jensen, also known as Social Siberia, releases his solo debut, we bid you to look elsewhere for the kind of run-of-the-mill artistry we see on the TV talent shows. Hailing from the hidden parts of Sweden, Social Siberia delivers his own brand of acoustic and dynamic alternative pop punk, flavored with tasteful hints of Green Day, Anna Ternheim and Jimmy Eat World.

Social Siberia didn’t aim to set himself apart, it just turned out that way. When grandiose debut album “Waterworks” (released March 24 through Panic & Action / Bonnier Amigo) emerges, it is a welcome breeze of air in the smog of pre-fabricated, plastic hit music.

Social Siberia was born and bred in the womb of melodic, emotional pop punk. However, Jensen gradually became weary of the rules connected with the genre. He drifted more and more towards an expression that broadened the horizon and took inspiration from all that which was exciting about the 2000’s: larger than life arena punk á la Green Day, alt country, electro and a healthy dose of the Swedish pop melancholy that made Anna Ternheim and Loney, Dear loved everywhere. The bastard child became the swan. Social Siberia materialized.

"Waterworks" is characterized by Joakim Jensen's insistent efforts to translate everything that spins within his head into music and lyrics. The themes that permeate "Waterworks" are about tribulations of the heart, and coupled with the minor tones, generous choruses and stark melodies, the album makes perfect sense of both contrast and harmony. Grandeur meets frailty, simplicity meets sophistication and forms a personal framework where American pop punk meets Nordic sensibilities.

Maybe it is Jensen’s roots that create such a stark emotional presence in his music and lyrics. The songs on “Waterworks” reflect the restraints of an upbringing on the margins in a small town far away, where the aching for something else inspires a gifted melodic signature. Social Siberia’s most important tool are the melodies; these represent both the means and the ends of what is set to be the most necessary album of 2010.

Lost in an ocean of lifeless, synthetic pop music? Relax. Social Siberia throws you a life vest - "Waterworks" saves lives.

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