The Shiloh

When a band expresses the process of creating music not as a hobby or diversion, but as a natural state – that’s when you know it’s for real. For Gothenburg, Sweden’s The Shiloh, every note, every harmony, every phrase, every syllable is vital to their existence. The imminent debut album, “Tiny Sparks, Massive Fires”, is the sound of dedication and burning passion – and challenge.

The Shiloh convey indie rock that has previously been non-existent in the otherwise fertile, prolific musical breeding grounds of Sweden: a sort of twilight-indie, drenched in melody, where gripping harmonies twist and turn through alternately vast soundscapes and fragile pop sensibilities. On the international scene, bands like Arcade Fire, Mew and Sigur Rós have garnered reverence using atmosphere, melody, and somewhat progressive overtones while Swedish bands sat beside and watched. Only one year into its existence, The Shiloh are changing this.

The Shiloh represents the epitome of ambition, but is gracefully devoid of pretention. The band graciously blends all components which have been missing from our lives; dreamlike ambiance and epic choruses clash with disrespectful experimentation and tempered collapse. The formula proved instantly successful – only a few months after the band came together, some of the biggest Swedish festivals invited this shooting star to their special guest-stages.

Just like the title, the lyrics on ”Tiny Sparks, Massive Fires” express the idea that something overwhelming can be created from something small. Both lyrics and music resonate with a slight melancholy typical for music from the northern parts. The alienation of a rural, Swedish upbringing created minds longing - and determined - for something else. Here be desperation and bittersweet pleadings, but also a fierce revolutionary lust. Amidst the harmony, The Shiloh raises its fist and shouts messages of life, longing, politics and integrity.

It is with a smooth, astute sense of detail that Linus Hjellström, Markus Tiljander, Ola Johansson and Gustav Kronqvist create their musical escapism. Using pianos, reverb-laden guitars, twitching rhythms and passionate vocals, ”Tiny Sparks, Massive Fires” tells of attempts to leave and strife to find new freedom in a cinematic and starkly emotional way.

The Shiloh have come so far. But they have only just begun.

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The Shiloh - Bryggan (Photo by Johan Carlén)
Artwork - Forever Lost EP
The Shiloh - Skogen (Photo by Johan Carlén)
The Shiloh - Artwork - Tiny Sparks, Massive Fires
The Shiloh - Logo

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